Value over Convenience 
My Favorite Top 5 Dieting Hacks
Hack 1: Mio water favoring  & Oats. 
So many people just don't like oatmeal.. I get it. Here is a way to make your oatmeal your favorite meal of the day. Step 1: add oats to bowl. Step 2: Add water. Step 3: Add in Mio. Step 4: Cook in microwave for 90 seconds.
Hack 2: Just Add stir and blend mixes.
Spice up your food without all the sodium and sauces. Step 1: Prep any type of food, meat, carbs, veggies. Step 2: Add in the last 5 mins of cooking. Step 3: Enjoy!
Hack 3: Stevia
I love these drinks, they are basically a sparkling water but in the flavors you have grown to love! I limit myself to 1 a day.
Hack 4: Shake it Baby!
Need a quick meal after work? Breakfast to go? Between meals? Blend up a protein shake. Step 1: add crushed ice (half way full, I suggest a hand blender like a ninja or magic bullet. Step 2: Add 1 cup of cashew milk. Step 3: Add in your fruits(frozen or fresh) maybe a few spinach leaves if you're feeling healthy AF. Step 4: Add your protein powder in last (trust me it blends better) (Roughly- females 1 scoop, males 2)
Hack 5: BIG Salad for Dinner.
Every tends to eat less during the day and more at night.. Sound like you? So lets go BIG. Step 1: add your different types of lettuces to a big mixing bowl. Step 2: Add a few fruits, fat free cheese, cumbers, tomatoes. Step 3: Add in your protein, chicken or turkey on top. Step 4: Use a light salad dressing, no more than 60 calories a serving.
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